Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Singaporea House Maid Levy Tam

Singapore ah hian house maid (domestic helper) hi 170,000 vel zet awm anga ngaih a ni a. Chung zinga a tam ber chu Indonesian leh Filipino an ni. Heng house maid ruaitute hian sawrkar hnenah levy thlatin Singapore dollar 300 (tunah tak hian financial crisis avangin SGD 250 ah an tihniam mek) an pe thin. House maid ruaitu hian maid hnena hlawh a pek ang bawr vel sawrkar hnenah chhiah a pe thin tihna a nih chu. Heti anih chuan house maid ruaitute hnen atang ringawt hian sawrkar hian thla khatah Singapore dollar 51,000,000 (maktaduai 51) chhiah a dawng tihna ani ang a. Chu chu India pawisain chantir ila Rs 15,810,000,000 (Vaibelchhe 1581 vel), Mizoram kumkhat budget aia tam a ni tihna a lo ni ang.

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